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Recruitment Services for Local Hiring and the Global Market

A government-certified recruitment agency in Nepal is 360 Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd. The people of Nepal are blessed by Buddha. 360 Multipurpose have 5 years of expertise in both local and worldwide recruitment services.

360 Multipurpose has extremely strong expertise in hiring locally and in Gulf nations like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

We offer services in English , French , Hindi, Spanish and Nepali.

Additionally, The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants-certified immigration professionals are part of our team (CICC)

We are based in Nepal and are recognized as a legitimate recruitment agency in all of Nepal's provinces and districts.

360 Multipurpose has a team of specialists in local and international recruitment.

360 Multipurpose provides recruitment services in different countries

We provide you an end to end solution to hire a Nepalese as well as foreign workers to cover a labor shortage throughout the globe.

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We have previously placed more than 250000 Nepalese employees in Gulf nations including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in construction, healthcare, IT and software, logistics and delivery, manufacturing, hospitality, and beauty, among other fields. With Nepalese employees, our clients are quite happy and satisfied.

We provide a three-month performance guarantee because we are so sure that our clients will be happy with our services.

Why Choose Us

We offer a ultimate service for your guaranteed recruitment

Our knowledgeable staff will thoroughly research the work culture of your organization and the job duties you are looking for.

Thanks to our extensive networking and human resource connections in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. By selecting the top individuals from our pool of alternatives, we will look for applicants that ideally suit your employment profile.

We screen and pre-interview every applicant who meets the requirements of your employment position to ensure that each person is capable of carrying out your duties effectively.

We will set up video conferences like Zoom or Google Meet to conduct online interviews with the top candidates for your job role.

We shall follow all labor impact rules and legal procedures set out by the government of Nepal. Free of bother for you.

We can guarantee that the workers you choose to fill your open position will be extremely effective and dependable, as well as very professional and dedicated to working hard for your company's long-term success.

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