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Get a free assessment of your eligibility to hire nepalese & foreign workers in your company to cover labour shortages.

We give a complete package to employer both foreign and Nepalese workers to fill a global labor shortage.Entire europe, as well as nations like Canada, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Malta, Ireland, Austria, and Finland, are all experiencing severe labor shortages.

They are having trouble meeting the demands of their business.Now, there is a severe labor shortage, many businesses are looking to employee overseas workers. We are delighted to assist those international nations and businesses who are experiencing severe labor shortages in meeting their business demands.

This is a huge problem in the international labor market . That's way 360 Multipurpose have enter in Recruitment Services and solving to find perfect job for Nepalese and foreign employees in high skilled , semi-skilled , unskilled job categories so that foregin employer can get perfect candidates to fulfill their vacant job post with hassle free .

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    Why 360 MULTIPURPOSE can be your next recruiting agency?

    We have strong determination and long term goal with you. Being with us is always a blessing with active and dedicated workers for your company.

    "We guaranteed an engaged worker for your business to maintain the job flow for a long time.""

    Reliable and effective human resources are always necessary in today's worldwide industry to maintain your company viable and profitable over the long run. 360 Multipurpose is fully aware of this. We recognize the effort and resources expended by overseas businesses to find the ideal candidate for a vacancy in their organization. By working with us, you may acquire dependable and effective individuals that will assist you contribute to the accomplishment of your company's goals while saving a ton of time and money. When working with 360 Multipurpose, you can get trustworthy and productive workers anywhere in the world at a reasonable price compared to Filipino and Indian labor without any hassle.

    The Nepalese government has made it a priority to address the global supply chain of human resource by outsourcing in the global market to fully fill the labor shortages. If you are concerned about legal complications, we assure you that the process is straightforward and can be completed at your convenience.


    In order to fill labor shortages, Nepal-based 360Multipurpose, a licensed recruitment service, collaborates closely with Foreign employers who are hiring nepalese & foreign workers.

    360Multipurpose collaborates with Immigration Pros, a certified group of immigration consultants who aid with the formalities related to employing foreign workers, in addition to assisting employers in meeting their labor needs.

    Employers in Foreign who use 360Multipurpose to hire Nepali and foreign workers will receive support at every level of the recruiting process, from identifying qualified individuals and assessing applications to handling the necessary immigration paperwork with the Nepali government.


    Our clients are very much satisfied with Nepalese workers . Nepalese worker are hard working , They are very honest & faithful which you can easily trust . That's why the British Government & UN still hire Nepalese people in their Army, the same as Singapore , HK , Dubai , Qatar and more countries that have hired Nepalese people in their army . The reason behind that is Nepalese people are very hard working , honest & faithful which you can trust easily .That's the Reputation Nepalese workers have in the International market .Nowadays it's very hard to find a hard working at the same time reliable and flexible worker for an employer for the long term to run their business.

    So, we have a dynamic filter steps below to get a genuine worker for your company

    By speaking with the personnel, 360Multipurpose will be able to fully comprehend the demands of the company and create a recruiting strategy that is tailored to those needs.

    The hiring process will start, with a focus on satisfying the labor requirements of the employers. 360Multipurpose will look for the top applicants during this process for the open positions.

    The 360Multipurpose recruiting team will screen potential applicants from our network, examine their references, conduct in-depth video interviews with them, and identify those who would make compelling prospects for companies.

    This step of the procedure extends beyond determining a candidate’s proficiency in speaking English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Nepali. Depending on the province or the type of work, the government may have set up special language testing criteria. 360Multipurpose will guarantee that the test results are accurate and that the candidate’s skills correspond to the test findings.

    360Multipurpose will confirm that all of the documentation given by the candidates is accurate and up to date in order to make sure that every applicant we choose has the aptitude and qualifications to work for you.

    Each prospect will have a file created for them by 360Multipurpose once their credentials and supporting documentation have been confirmed and they have successfully completed the interview portion of the process. This will give the employer all the information they require to confirm a candidate’s qualifications personally.

    We will provide the employer with the dossiers we have created once a list of candidates has been shortlisted and verified, allowing the employer the freedom to choose from the best profiles.

    Candidates will have the chance to speak with employers in person or via video interview, during which the employers will choose the candidate(s) they want to hire.

    Employers have the right to make employment offers and hire the individuals they have chosen. You will receive assistance from 360Multipurpose in creating a job offer that conforms with Nepali government regulations regarding the hiring of international workers.

    The immigration procedure that must be performed in order to recruit an international workforce will be explained to you by Immigration Pros, our sister firm. The nationality of the employee, the immigration schemes accessible in your region, the sector they work in, and other elements will all affect the particular course of the immigration procedure.


    Statistics Nepal indicated that there were over 277,000 open positions in the fourth quarter of 2021, ranging from employees in the construction industry to support personnel for restaurants and kitchens.

    The Nepali government has developed a variety of schemes to assist Nepali firms in hiring foreign employees in order to overcome the labor shortages that exist across the provinces and regions. To get permission to hire foreign labor, however, firms must fulfill a number of conditions, which change based on a variety of criteria.

    Together with Immigration Pros, 360Multipurpose will examine all of your alternatives in order for you to be eligible for one of the various work programs and so be able to recruit foreign and nepalese workers.

    Note that to hire foreign workers:

    We are authorized by Nepal government so, we have a legal governmental process for hiring.

    You might hire Nepali & foreign workers in Nepal if they already have an OWP (Open Work Permit)

    Foreign employer may benefit from hiring nepali and foreign workers through one of the temporary or permanent worker streams